Amulya Sevak

Help Amulya Sevak to bring a to z education, books and digests/Guides with Smart explanation online so anyone can enjoy the same free of cost.

The object of the trust Amulya Sevak, Regn. No.F/3290/Vadodara, are as under :

1. To provide free legal help to needy person with the help of lawyers.

2. To educate each and everyone through website to DVD/Pen Drive to TV to the extent that the I.Q. can be increased beyond ones imagination of all from Std 1 to all branches such as engineering, medical, competitive examination and spread such awarness of such education.

3. To help orphan, physically disabled, sr citizen and widow.

4. To protect roof top public place e.g. school, ren basera etc with thermal proof false wall/Ceiling in order to protect the users from cold or hot weather.

5. To literate girls.

6. To protect farming product for longer to help farmer to achive suitable prices.

7. To awake and educate lower and poor people with the procedure of the law and administration – for the welfare of nation. And in the interest of the country, to raise the issue of public and spread public awareness to overcome the issue.

Author: amulyasevak

Videos of four files uploaded here under title Education will be placed here that will computerise mind of everyone.

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